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Disability Services


This guide is the result of telecoms industry co-operation to help and inform telecoms users with disabilities what different telecoms companies offer and to quickly select the products and services that suit them best. 

BT Ireland does not offer all the equipment or types of service mentioned in the guide but we do offer a range of both, many of which we believe will well suit many users with disabilities of different kinds.

For example, BT offers a large-button fixed-line phone handset, which would especially suit people with visual impairment or with disabilities affecting the dexterity of their fingers and hands.

BT can also help people with disabilities who may be on low incomes, especially for example where their disabilities prevent them from working, to claim financial help with paying for telecoms services through the DSP (Department for Social Protection).

If you have any remaining queries about what BT can offer for people with disabilities, please call 1800 923 923  and speak to our friendly, well-trained staff who will be happy to answer your questions.

Please click here to download a guide for people with disabilities and older people.