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BT is a global provider of communications solutions and IT services. With annual revenues of more than £800m and close to 3,000 employees, we have significant local operations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

To our customers we are unique — no other company has the scope, reach and capability that can help them succeed in work or be entertained at home: for our consumer customers (NI only) we provide 'total communications' services including phone, online and entertainment solutions in neat and great value bundles; for business and government organisations we bring together all their communications and IT services securely and efficiently; and for other communications providers we provide our network on an open access basis so that they can connect to their customers, and we can design, build and manage their networks for them.

Technology innovation is at the core of our company, and we're at the forefront of bringing next generation networks, services and skills to Ireland North and South. We invest over £1.1bn annually on global research and development to support our drive for innovation, and work with customers, partners, and local universities including Dublin City University, Tyndall Institute, University College Cork and the University of Ulster. One of BT's Global Development Centres is located in Belfast.

We employ many of the leading network and IT services experts on the island, with over 300 accredited and certified professionals, and can draw on the support of our global business where required. We partner with technology leaders like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, VMWare and EMC2 to integrate their products into our customer solutions.

We are committed to contributing positively to society and to a sustainable future. Our corporate responsibility programmes focus primarily on Education & Skills, Digital Inclusion and the Environment. Our achievements are recognised – we received a President's Award from Chambers Ireland for our BT Young Scientist & Technology Exhibition.

BT Group

BT is one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions and services operating in more than 170 countries

BT in Ireland

BT operates across Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland as an all island operation, headquartered in Belfast and Dublin, and employing close to 3,000 people.

Our Network

BT believes that the future of communications depends on continuous infrastructure development as well as using the most innovative and sophisticated technology.

Quality Certification

Here in BT we have a strategic priority to keep a relentless focus on improving customer satisfaction, by putting the customer at the heart of everything we do.

Why BT Ireland?

Social & Environment Responsibility

How we are making a better future for people, enterprises and the environment

Customer Service

BT Ireland recognises that in our day-to-day operations, we as a business inevitably impact on the environment in a number of ways.

Disability Services

This guide is the result of telecoms industry co-operation to help and inform telecoms users with disabilities what different telecoms companies offer and to quickly select the products and services that suit them best.

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