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How can I increase efficiency across my business?

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Sustainable, cost-effective service delivery.


Efficiency improvements usually take place at a department or line of business level, but this granular approach can only take you so far. The real benefits come from addressing operational efficiency across your whole IT and communications infrastructure, from data centres and contact centres to mobile devices and workstyles.

BT provides the global scale and expertise in technology, consulting and managed services you need to improve efficiency across your whole business. We’ll work with you to identify the IT and communication services your business needs, and deliver those services in a sustainable, coherent and cost-effective way. By building operational efficiency into the core IT and communication services you depend on, you’ll be in a better position to free up resources to focus on more valuable, innovative activities.

That’s why companies such as Reuters, HP and Barclays use BT services to enable them to run more efficient operations.