Northern Ireland locations amongst the highest in the UK for fibre broadband uptake. More than 100,000 premises now using the service.

November 1st 2012

BT has today revealed that many Northern Ireland locations, including Baillies Mills, Campsie, Castlereagh, Helen’s Bay and Dervock, are recording some of the best take-up figures for fibre broadband in the UK.  

Northern Ireland is at the forefront of fibre broadband availability in Europe.  The fibre roll-out has reached over 90% coverage of Northern Ireland and more than 100,000 premises are already using the high speed service, with residents and businesses in urban and rural areas seeing the benefits that fibre broadband can bring.

Frank McManus, BT’s Head of Wholesale Sales and Services, said, “Due to significant investment by BT and the public sector, Northern Ireland has a really strong advantage when it comes to the extent of the fibre broadband availability.  And while there remain premises that are not yet connected to a fibre cabinet, 90% is a major achievement and we’d encourage citizens and businesses that are interested to visit where they can check availability and find an operator that they’d like to order from.” 

Other facts highlighted by BT to raise awareness of fibre broadband in Northern Ireland include:

  • Northern Ireland currently has a greater percentage of premises passed by fibre than many European countries aspire to have by 2015
  • One year ago Derry City became the first city in the UK and Ireland to put fibre to the cabinet technology in 100% of its street cabinets – and this is still the case today.
  • Fibre broadband (fibre-to-the-cabinet technology) can currently deliver download speeds of up to 80Mbps and upload speeds of up to 20Mbps
  • Twenty-two Internet Service Providers are currently selling fibre broadband in Northern Ireland, using BT’s open access network
  • The premises furthest away from the exchange pose the greatest challenge both technically and commercially.  BT is working with local communities, councils and government to investigate ways how the private sector can commercially justify the deployment of broadband even deeper and further into the countryside

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