BT adds to bestselling nuisance calls phone range

August 8th 2013

Three new phones join the BT6500 Nuisance Call Blocker, the fastest selling BT phone on record.

BT today announced it is expanding its range of nuisance call blocking phones with three new products. This follows the huge response to its first landline phone that blocks nuisance calls.  The BT6500, has been the bestselling phone in the UK since March 2013[1] and the fastest selling like for like BT phone on record, with over 200,000 handsets shipped since launch (February 2013) [2].

The new phones BT is introducing, with nuisance calls blocking features, are the BT7600 Nuisance Call Blocker, the BT4000 Big Button and the BT4500 Big Button. All will allow customers to block up to 80 per cent of unwanted calls[3] by allowing them to block calls from “International” numbers, “withheld” numbers, ‘unknown caller ID’, or specific numbers. 

The BT4000 Big Button and the BT4500 Big Button phones have distinct features that make them easy to use for any customer, including big buttons, a sound boost feature, hearing aid compatibility, and a large easy to read screen and slow playback of messages.  They are especially good for customers with dexterity or hearing difficulties. BT carried out major research during the design process, simulating a range of different user needs in order to produce what it believes to be the companies most user friendly cordless phone ever.

Nuisance calls are a growing concern in the UK with companies who don’t want to be identified flouting the rules. Last year BT received on average more than 50,000 calls a month into its Nuisance Calls Advice Line. However since the introduction of the BT6500 Nuisance Call Blocker at the start of 2013, the volume of calls has halved to an average of 25,000 calls per month, over the last three months.[4]

Latest research from Ofcom shows that consumers received on average two nuisance calls per week[5]. Especially irritating are calls from Payment Protection Insurance companies, Ofcom found these companies to be responsible for more than half of identifiable unwanted recorded sales calls[6].  The most prevalent types of nuisance calls were live marketing calls (38%), followed by silent calls (34%) and recoded sales calls (14%)[7]

BT’s range of nuisance calls phones all come equipped to help combat the irritations associated with these types of calls. Users can specifically block calls from “International” numbers, “Withheld” numbers and numbers without a caller ID which will cancel out most unwanted calls. The handsets also allows users to block up to 10 specific numbers, so any nuisance calls from a known number can be automatically blocked.

The handsets also come with a “Do Not Disturb” mode, which is ideal when customers want peace and quiet.  Do Not Disturb mode switches off the ringer and can either be operated manually by the customer or they can set it on a timer.  With the BT7600 Nuisance Call Blocker friends and family can still get through, even when Do Not Disturb is switched on, by saving them as VIP contacts within the phone memory.

Blocked calls will be silently routed to the answer machine so genuine callers can leave a message, except when the customer has blocked a specific number.

The BT7600 Nuisance Call Blocker comes equipped with parental controls which allow customers to block outgoing calls to selected numbers, for example premium numbers, mobile numbers, international, and the speaking clock. Or customers can chose to block all outgoing calls except for those to contacts designated as VIPs in the phonebook.

Conal Duffy, director of BT’s consumer division in Northern Ireland, said: “BT takes the issue of nuisance calls very seriously and is constantly looking for ways to help our customers to manage their calls.

The BT6500 has proved a big success and has quickly become our biggest-selling handset.  We are now expanding our range of nuisance calls phones to give even more customers the peace of mind that when the phone rings it should be someone they want to speak to.”

BT full range of nuisance calls phones are available from Tesco or your local electrical retailer.

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