BT Ireland signs €5.7million contact centre deal with RSA Insurance and

November 9th 2015

BT to implement fully featured omni-channel communications cloud service for RSA insurance and

BT Ireland today announced a new five year strategic partnership with RSA Insurance Ireland. The partnership, worth €5.7 million, will see BT transform the communications platforms that support RSA Ireland and’s contact centre and back office operations across the island of Ireland.

The transformation will be driven by BT Cloud Contact, a next generation service for contact centre and customer experience management, which will enable RSA and to communicate with its customers across multiple channels, including voice, social media, email and webchat.

Given the seasonal nature of the insurance business, BT Cloud Contact will allow RSA and to scale up to meet customer demand at key times of the year, improving the customer experience. The service also provides real-time insight to monitor customer service and interaction trends, which will enable agents to provide a more proactive experience across all touchpoints.

The innovative service offers all of the benefits of cloud such as agility, rapid deployment and lower costs, whilst providing unique security and compliance features that only BT can offer to Irish businesses.

“We always strive to offer our customers the best possible service. We know that increasingly our customers want to communicate with us through a variety of communication channels, including social media,” said Ken Ryan, CIO of “This service gives us increased capability in terms of how we manage the customer conversation and keep it on a proactive footing. ‘In BT we have a partner that can offer us the security and reliability that both we as a company and our customers demand, as well as a flexible solution that is built around our business needs.’’

“We are delighted to partner with RSA Ireland and deliver such an innovative service,” said Shay Walsh, managing director, BT Ireland. “Now more than ever consumers increasingly want to use different channels to communicate and organisations must be more adaptable, flexible and agile to meet these expectations.

“Working collaboratively with the RSA team we were able to understand their needs and address any concerns over moving to the cloud, and from there we designed a scalable future-proof and cost-effective solution. We look forward to providing this service over the coming years and to working closely with the RSA team.’’

Over the lifetime of the deal the cloud service will deliver millions of important customer service and sales calls, hundreds of thousands of new media interactions (e.g. social media, webchat) and BT expects to store tens of millions of critical call recordings. All RSA staff in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland across contact centre and back office operations will utilise the service.

BT launched BT Cloud Contact, a cloud based contact centre service for Irish and UK based organisations in October 2014. BT Cloud Contact offers businesses with contact centre operations a cloud solution with an established local footprint to satisfy regulatory and compliance concerns.  The solution harnesses the reach and reliability of BT’s global voice network, allowing customers to originate calls from over 170 countries with flexible access options. Customers will also have peace of mind from a security perspective by being able to access this cloud service across BT’s world-class IP wide area network, storing important items such as call records (if required) in data centres in Ireland.