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Increase customer satisfaction and reduce costs

Auto Contact, our range of self-service solutions, can help free up agents to handle more complex and revenue-generating calls –and at the same time improve the overall customer experience whilst reducing costs.

Cut costs by 90%
You’ll cut the cost of each call by up to 90 per cent over live agent support whilst reducing voice traffic. On average it costs $6 for an agent to handle an enquiry, but a standard self-service voice session costs just $0.50*

Customers prefer self service
42 per cent of customers prefer automated phone services for speed**. It’s a win-win strategy, because by deflecting routine enquiries away from advisors to automated services, you can respond faster and more efficiently, keeping your costs down and your customers happy.

Do more with less
Auto Contact can also have a significant impact on productivity. Automation not only helps you improve your service during peaks in demand, it frees up your most valuable resource – your agents – to concentrate on more complex and high-value interactions, enabling you to do more with less.

Single application development
BT’s new service creation environment means that we can develop a single application and deploy globally and different media . Or even we could link to an existing app you have already devleoped developed. A reduction in development time means we can have you up and running even quicker.

*Source: Forrester Research
**Source: “The Autonomous Customer – Asia - Pac2012”


We’re there for you from start to finish

We’ve been providing Auto Contact technology to organisations around the globe for over 20 years. We can support you, from analysing what you need to installing and running your system and giving you follow-up service.

Global platform
We underpin all our systems with our market-leading inbound network – not only can we give you the self service technology, but we can manage the traffic coming into it too.

Our global platforms are Open Standards, so we can build your app in VXML or if you already have an app we can link to it. No extra development time and resource needed. With our new service creation environment you can deploy your applications globally.

Frost & Sullivan awarded us their 2009 EMEA Market Leadership Award for Hosted Self Service.


Great technology, just the way you want it

We know that one size doesn’t fit all, so our self service systems can be on-premise or hosted, voice-only or multimedia, off-the-shelf or bespoke.

On premise – you buy the service outright and it’s managed and maintained on your premises. We work with the market leaders in contact centre technology to supply packaged and tailored self service systems.

Cloud – self service systems are embedded in the BT network, managed by us and available on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis. They give you a fast and affordable route to the latest self service technology. We have our own range of packaged hosted applications and we can offer tailored ones too.

Multimedia – lets you offer voice, email, chat and web self service so your customers can help themselves wherever and whenever they want.

Off the shelf – self service applications include store locator and order tracking. We can set them up quickly and easily and we can also give you bespoke self service applications based on advanced speech recognition or complex customer issues.


Why BT

The right partner for you.

With clients in every industry and company size – from global finance to local government we have established over 4,000 call centres globally over the last ten years, and provide global network solutions to over 600 customers with over 1,000 contact centre sites spread across Europe, Asia Pac and the Americas. Over 70 customers already use the Cloud Contact platform – in fact, it is the one of the truly global on-demand contact centre IP platforms, with physical platforms on three continents.

We also operate one of Europe’s largest multimedia contact centres – handling 219 million calls a year – and have tested and proven the technology on a global scale.

Working with a trusted partner

BT is a trusted supplier in Ireland and is headquartered in both Dublin and Belfast. With a proven track record in delivering network infrastructure, we invest significantly in our network across Ireland and throughout the world. We do this to provide high quality network services whilst bringing the benefits of product innovation to our customers.

In Ireland, the scale and breadth of our local and global networks and services is unrivalled.

Trust the experts

We have an extensive portfolio of network services to meet your requirements in Ireland, UK and the rest of the world.

Our capabilities recognized across the industry by analysts:

  • We lead on Network Availability – one of your top 3 priorities – Telemark 2011
  • Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Pan European Network Service Providers Magic
  • Quadrant for the 7th consecutive year
  • Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Global Network Services Providers Magic Quadrant for the 6th year
  • In 2010 we were recognized at the World Communications Awards as the “Best Global Operator”.




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