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Today’s fast-moving businesses can’t afford to let technology get in the way of meeting their objectives. Your critical applications need to be accessible online, around the clock. They need to give a flawless service, be completely secure, and free to scale up or down at the drop of a hat.

Whether you’re dealing with millions of customers online, delivering software as a service, or providing business applications for your internal users, we can help.

Want to find out how? Watch our two-minute video here:

Our team of experts will take the time to work closely with you to understand what you really need and then create a solution that is right for you. Whatever you need to do, we can help you do it. From hosting your equipment in our leading Tier-3 facilities in Dublin and Belfast, to deploying remote back-up solutions or migrating your systems to the cloud.


Our data centre services have been developed to meet the varied challenges of our customers and provide real benefits back to the business. With BT Compute we can help you:

  • stay connected – always – with 99.95 per cent service uptime
  • be sure of ultra-consistent service levels – with our ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 certified data centres
  • get expert support to develop your business – from our highly experienced data centre team
  • go global – with our worldwide data centre network.


No matter what your line of business and whatever challenges you face, you can trust in our experts to help you create the ideal solution.

We do this through BT Compute – our complete family of innovative data centre services.

From our state-of-the-art facilities in Dublin and Belfast, we provide all the high quality space you’ll need, a location that’s secure 24/7 and power and cooling that never lets you down. We make sure your critical systems have the highest availability, for always on business. Find out more

BT Managed Compute
BT Managed Compute provides you with data centre infrastructure as a service. We take care of all the management, maintenance and 24/7 support. We guarantee your service will be available so you can have total peace of mind. A perfect way to extend your IT team without the overheads – and help you grow. Find out more

BT Private Compute
BT Private Compute is a dedicated, private cloud solution. Managed by yourself or our team of experts, this is the ideal way to take advantages of the savings and flexibility that the cloud offers, without risking your organisation’s security. Find out more

BT Cloud Compute
BT Cloud Compute lets you build your cloud solution, your way. With a self-service portal that’s ready to use in minutes, you can easily create a secure space in the cloud, making your business more agile, connecting your mobile workers and sharing systems and information seamlessly with partners. Find out more

Whatever you choose, we will make sure you have a solution that your business can depend on.


Why BT?

  • Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teams offer one-to-one service and support. Our people take the time to really understand your challenges and work with you on data centre solutions you can rely on. 
  • We have a local presence – and a global reach. Our presence in Ireland and our global network of 45 data centres will support your growth strategy anywhere in the world.
  • We’ve been building long-term relationships with local and global organisations for the last 14 years. We’re always learning from our experiences, so we can give you services you can count on.
  • We run the only carrier-neutral data centre in Ireland with a wholly owned global network. Whether you’re looking for uninterrupted connectivity to run your business here in Ireland, flexible data centre services to help you scale your business, or a seamless way to connect your global sites, you can trust us to keep you working – no matter what.




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