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Guaranteeing your business continuity and performance means you need to be able to securely store, manage and get access to your data. But setting up and running your own data centre, or increasing your existing data centre capacity can cost a fortune.

With our co-location service, we can help you make more of your budgets by hosting your equipment at one of our state-of-the-art data centres in Dublin or Belfast. You’ll benefit from our ultra-high security, and power and cooling that will never let you down. Our IT infrastructure will give your critical systems the highest availability to meet your “always-on” business needs.

Our data centres are also fully certified to ISO standards. In fact we’re the longest-standing data centre provider with ISO 27001 accreditation and the only one to be ISO 20000 accredited for our data centre services. That makes regulatory compliance cheaper and easier. Leaving you to focus on running your business.


  • Peace of mind – our team of experts is on-site 24x7 to look after your critical applications.
  • Improved service costs – make the most of our economies of scale – and cheaper power and cooling.
  • Increased availability – our data centres are fully resilient – meaning no disruption for your customers. And no sleepless nights for you.
  • Lower risk - our standards-based security and environmental services including power and cooling, cut your risk, improve availability and make it easier for you to tick all the compliance and regulatory boxes.
  • Full control – having control over your infrastructure means you can continue to run your business they way you want it run.
  • Scalability it’s easy to upscale or add new services and platforms as your business grows – without the need for new investment.
  • Sustainable – we’re responsible for your power and cooling needs, and we always work hard to minimise carbon output wherever possible.
  • Global reach – through our worldwide network of more than 45 data centres helping to support your growth.


Expanding your business
You know that in order to provide the best service, you need to be close to your customers. If you are looking to expand your business into Ireland or wanting a European base in order to grow market share our co-location sites in Dublin and Belfast make it easy for you.

Balancing agility with stability
Being able to respond quickly to changes in your business keeps you one step ahead of your competitors. You also need to make sure you can do this without it impacting on your performance or eating up your IT budget. Our stable, high performing and efficient co-location platforms give you all the flexibility and speed you need at the right cost with no risk of downtime or disruption.

Managing your costs
Upgrading your existing on-site data centre is expensive and for many businesses – simply not an option. We know you need to easily see a return on your investment and – with the economies of scale you get from co-locating within one of our datacentres – you can get just that.

Protecting your data
Data loss and security compromises are unacceptable – and avoidable. With our own expertise and accreditation such as ISO 27001, we make sure your data is secure and help you meet your compliance and regulatory needs.

Connecting your customers
We know your business relies on connectivity and any performance problems can cost you dearly. Unlike other data centres, we’re directly connected to the internet via our own resilient network, rather than going through a third party ISP. So, when we say we can give you always-on data centre network and back-end connectivity we mean it. No disruption for your customers – and no worry for you.


Why BT?

  • Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teams offer one-to-one service and support. Our people take the time to really understand your challenges and work with you on data centre solutions you can rely on. 
  • We have a local presence – and a global reach. Our presence in Ireland and our global network of 45 data centres will support your growth strategy anywhere in the world.
  • We’ve been building long-term relationships with local and global organisations for the last 14 years. We’re always learning from our experiences, so we can give you services you can count on.
  • We run the only carrier-neutral data centre in Ireland with a wholly owned global network. Whether you’re looking for uninterrupted connectivity to run your business here in Ireland, flexible data centre services to help you scale your business, or a seamless way to connect your global sites, you can trust us to keep you working – no matter what.




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