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When your data centre infrastructure is out of date, it’s hard (and expensive) to manage. You need to modernise and simplify your environment. And minimise management costs and risks.

We can help. Our skilled experts will help you design and put in place a modern, efficient, dedicated and shared data centre infrastructure that’s perfect for you.

Hosted at one of our secure, environmentally controlled data centres in Dublin and Belfast, we take care of all the management, maintenance and 24x7 support.  And guarantee your service will be available. So you can have total peace of mind.

You can also add on extra services like server virtualisation, managed back-up services, and intrusion detection and prevention.


  • Increased business agility – our flexible data centre systems help you respond faster than your competition; and you can scale up or down easily (and cheaply).
  • Lower management costs – we’ll be your only infrastructure partner, which will save you time and money.
  • Always available – our fully resilient data centre network means no downtime or disruption for your customers.
  • Greener working  – our efficient infrastructure helps you cut your carbon footprint.
  • Improved bottom line – pay less for office space, power and cooling.


Supporting your customers
We know that in order to provide the best service to your customers, you need to develop and maintain a scalable, high performing environment that is efficient as well as effective.  We take the pressure off you by handling all hardware and software licensing, managing the infrastructure up to the operating system and offering a 24/7 service desk with server and web monitoring. Meaning you can focus on where your business value lies.

Managing your costs
Building your own server room, or expanding your office space to accommodate more servers is expensive and for many businesses it’s simply not an option. We know you need a more cost effective solution.  With BT Managed Compute there is no need to invest in additional server hardware or staff to manage it – which frees up your budgets to focus on developing the business.

Protecting your data
Data loss and security compromises are unacceptable – and avoidable. With our own expertise and accreditation such as ISO 27001, we make sure your and your customer’s data is secure and help you meet your compliance and regulatory needs.

Connecting your customers
We know your business relies on connectivity and any performance problems can cost you dearly. Unlike other data centres, we’re directly connected to the internet via our own resilient network, rather than going through a third party ISP. So, when we say we can give you always-on data centre network and back-end connectivity we mean it. No disruption for your customers – and no worry for you.


Why BT?

  • Our highly experienced and knowledgeable teams offer one-to-one service and support. Our people take the time to really understand your challenges and work with you on data centre solutions you can rely on. 
  • We have a local presence – and a global reach. Our presence in Ireland and our global network of 45 data centres will support your growth strategy anywhere in the world.
  • We’ve been building long-term relationships with local and global organisations for the last 14 years. We’re always learning from our experiences, so we can give you services you can count on.
  • We run the only carrier-neutral data centre in Ireland with a wholly owned global network. Whether you’re looking for uninterrupted connectivity to run your business here in Ireland, flexible data centre services to help you scale your business, or a seamless way to connect your global sites, you can trust us to keep you working – no matter what.




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