BT One

A Unified Communications and Collaboration
(UC&C) platform for new ways of working

What is BT One?

A suite of BT communication services that transform the way you work. By unifying voice (fixed and mobile), instant messaging and collaboration tools like video, you can boost efficiency, simplify operations, cut costs and get closer to customers and suppliers.


Taking telephony services onto our data network is the first step in convergence. It can transform an organisation and deliver immediate returns in cost-savings and efficiencies. Long term, it sets you on course for Unified Communications and Collaboration.

BT One Voice – A single global service that cuts costs dramatically by consolidating voice and data onto one network.

BT One Voice SIP trunking Ireland – Enables access to Unified Communications and Collaboration services.

BT Inbound Contact – Handle customer calls more effectively, increase loyalty and maximise your resources.

BT Telenumbers – Choose a number plan and call charges that meet your business needs.


Transform the way you work using a seamless suite of communication tools that will connect you to your colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners. Integrating features like instant messaging, presence, voice and video conferencing will save time and money and increase productivity.

BT One Collaborate – A BT portfolio of products that include audio, video, web and streaming services.

BT One with Microsoft – A perfect combination of network and applications that extends from the desktop to the data centre to offer a range of UC&C solutions.

BT One with Cisco – A partnership that offers the most complete UC&C solution in terms of functionality and security.

BT One with Avaya – The partnership behind some of the most cost-effective and flexible UC&C products in Ireland.

BT Cloud Voice – A hosted telephony solution with UC&C and contact centre capabilities.


Why now?

As every business becomes a connected business , faster and more effective communications are a way to achieve competitive advantage. BT One future-proofs businesses in a fast changing world, delivering cost savings, greater efficiency and increased productivity along the way.

How do you start?

The good news is that BT One is not an all or nothing investment. Because BT recognises that organisations are at different stages with their communications infrastructure, any entry point can be facilitated to gradually explore the full range of Unified Communications and Collaboration tools in BT One. Other BT products, One Voice, One Voice SIP trunking, Conferencing and Video are stepping-stones on the journey.

The benefits of BT One


By integrating fixed, mobile and conferencing solutions on one integrated platform, you can move seamlessly between communication tools, driving productivity and encouraging faster decision-making.

Lower cost

Consolidate and simplify all communication and provide multi-site organisations with a cost-effective platform that will change the way people work.


Get more from a multi-site organisation by empowering dispersed teams with tools to help them collaborate and work more effectively together. Speed up decision-making, close deals faster, and complete projects more quickly.


Transform customer and partner relationships by bringing them closer to your business through more channels of communication for better service and support.

Why BT?

  • 1

    Our product portfolio offers an entry point for every organisation wherever you are on the Unified Communications journey.

  • 2

    Our end-to-end expertise extends from the first move to converged networks all the way through to the full suite of Unified Communications.

  • 3

    Our local presence and global prowess means we can meet any scale of deployment and deliver it as a seamless solution.

  • 4

    Our in-house capabilities and best-in-class partners like Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft enable us to match the best-fit technology to your business however unique.

  • 5

    Our deep knowledge has been hard earned through global deployments that have solved every kind of challenge in every type of industry.

  • 6

    Our intellectual property combined with solutions from best-in-class providers enables you to leverage unique services for competitive advantage.