BT One Collaborate

A suite of Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) tools that advance collaboration and productivity

What is BT One Collaborate?

Audio, video, web conferencing and streaming that can be rolled out incrementally or in one go, and can be integrated services to support into your Unified Communications strategy.

BT One Collaborate audio

Telephone conference call services with a variety of features and options. BT provides two types:

Self-managed services

BT MeetMe Global Access: On-demand service that allows you to talk to people around the world quickly and easily. Ideal for everyday calls between a dispersed workforce, and for staying close to clients.

BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice: is an enhanced BT MeetMe service that delivers more natural-sounding and effective audio quality than what is heard on traditional phone-based audio conferences.

Managed services

BT Premium Event: A guaranteed line for multiple participants that is supported in over 50 countries, this premium managed service can be used for bigger gatherings such as team presentations and shareholder meetings. Recordable and totally secure with strictly controlled attendance, other features include voting systems, Q&A management tools, and live video streaming. BT provides 24-hour support, 365 days a year.

BT One Collaborate video

Video conferencing for every budget and business requirement. Look people in the eye even when you’re on opposite sides of the world

Anytime, anywhere: Using BT Engage Meeting Manager, a web-based software application, you can schedule, monitor and control your videoconferences from your own computer, tablet or smartphone. Participants can join your meeting even if they don’t have access to video.

High quality, immersive: A leading partner of Cisco and Polycom, BT is a full service video conferencing provider with the expertise to kit out dedicated conferencing rooms and facilitate direct connection to customers and partners as well as other leading exchange providers.

BT One Collaborate web

BT web collaboration tools let you see, share and update documents online. All you need is a connected device to start a web conference for two or 2,500 people. Using two leading web conferencing services – Microsoft Live Meeting and Cisco WebEx – BT makes video a quick and easy alternative to voice conferences where you can also view and share documents.

BT One Collaborate streaming

Deliver multimedia audio, video or web content over the internet and your intranet. With streaming, or 'webcasting', your business can extend presentations and training to audiences of almost any size, virtually anywhere, anytime.

Managed Streaming: Use in a tele- or videoconference, or for streaming live events. BT offers a number of features as part of the service, including advanced reporting and analytics to measure engagement and effectiveness, and a full recording for follow-on use.

Self-Managed Streaming: Schedule, organise and manage your own streamed events, enabling you to reach your target audience the way you choose.

Enterprise Streaming: Hosted applications and client-side software allows broadcasters, corporate communicators and other content owners to publish, protect, deliver, and measure the uptake of video and other rich media over a corporate intranet.

Why now?

As organisations look to achieve competitive advantage in the real-time world of the internet and multichannel delivery, the need for better internal and external communications becomes a differentiator. BT UC&C tools transform the way you do business, facilitating improved internal communications and allowing you to meet near-instantly with customers, colleagues, and suppliers anywhere in the world.

How do you start?

As long as you have a phone line, you can use audio conferencing. As long as you have a decent internet connection, you can use web conferencing streaming, and desktop video conferencing.

For higher quality collaborative products, first, you need to refresh your infrastructure and converge voice and data onto an IP network. There will be compelling opportunities in a company’s lifecycle that will precipitate the move: your existing telephony solution reaches end of life or end of contract; an office move, new site opening or merger prompts new network investment.

The benefits of BT One Collaborate


Empower dispersed teams with tools to help them collaborate and work more effectively together; get closer to customers and suppliers with more face-to-face meetings and conference calls.


By integrating conferencing solutions on one platform, you can move seamlessly between communication tools, driving productivity and encouraging faster decision-making.


Save time and money, drive productivity, and reduce your company’s environmental impact by cutting down on travel. Further savings come from consolidating all your communication needs with one provider.


Transform customer and partner relationships by bringing them closer to your business through more channels of communication for better service and support.

Why BT?

  • 1

    Our product portfolio offers an entry point for every organisation wherever you are on the Unified Communications journey.

  • 2

    Our end-to-end expertise extends from the first move to converged networks all the way through to the full suite of Unified Communications.

  • 3

    Our local presence and global prowess means we can meet any scale of deployment and deliver it as a seamless solution.

  • 4

    Our best-in-class partners like Cisco, Avaya and Microsoft enable us to match the best-fit technology to your business however unique.

  • 5

    We have 30 years of experience supplying pioneering services for audio, video, web and streaming collaboration.

  • 6

    Our intellectual property combined with solutions from best-in-class providers enables you to leverage unique services for competitive advantage.

Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Is it easy to use?

It sounds obvious, but not all products are as easy to use as they appear at first glance. And clearly this is a critical challenge for your decision-making. For collaborative working to be effective the tools must make your team’s working lives simpler – not more complicated. If you’re really going to succeed in cutting those travel costs, reducing decision-making time and increasing productivity then the service and products you’re buying had better be incredibly intuitive and easy to access for your team.
Our response:

  • - 97%. That’s the numbers of customers who told us last year they were satisfied with how easy it was to set up our conferencing facilities.
  • - 15 seconds. This is approximately how long it takes – after the end of a conference call - to download a recording of a BT MeetMe call.
  • - 38 is the number of self-paced and instructor-lead training sessions that we offer to our users every week. With this kind support we, hope to make it convenient for our users to effectively learn how to use their services.

Is it reliable?

That service and those products had better be reliable, too. This is something of a drum of ours at BT – it’s something we believe in very strongly. Your team are only going to lose an important call once or twice before they give up on the idea of conferencing as too unreliable. So again, if you’re not going to go with BT Conferencing, make sure you ask to see call success rate statistics.

Our response:

  • - Over 90% of our customers judged our BT Conferencing service as ‘flawless’.
  • - We have 250 BT Conferencing customer care representatives around the world. And their job is to make sure that our customer service centers are staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Is it cost effective?

This is fundamental for you in proving the return on your investment in conferencing tools. And it’s easy to claim - all conferencing product providers do it. But it’s far harder to prove. But proof is exactly what you should demand. How often are their clients using it? What are the call savings? How does that compare against competitor call costs? How much, exactly, are your quarterly cost savings on travel and time?

Our response:
Most of these numbers for our clients are confidential but we can call upon own cost savings. In 2010 we avoided 11m kilometres and 2,800 tonnes of CO2 from company car, rail and air travel through use of conferencing technology and flexible working arrangements. In 2011, our use of audio and videoconferencing increased 27%.

How can I improve the quality of our conference calls?

Our new BT MeetMe with Dolby Voice audio conferencing service gives an excellent user experience. Audio conference calls are more engaging and therefore more effective. Totally exclusive to BT, this will revolutionise the audio conferencing market.

Where is audio, video and web conferencing available?

Our conferencing services are predominantly cloud-based which means that we can deliver them globally. There are some exceptions in terms of country availability but few providers can match our global footprint and our underlying network available in over 170 countries. For BT MeetMe audio conferencing, global access numbers are available in over 50 countries around the world. These numbers give your participants the convenience of dialling into the conference call using an international toll free, domestic toll free or local dial-in number, avoiding international long distance charges.