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Helping your business to run smoothly is very much dependent upon your IT infrastructure and applications but without the excellence of core connectivity, your business won’t be able to perform to its optimum. With many companies having numerous offices to manage and customer and user experience high on the agenda, ensuring maximum connectivity is a priority.

With a range of options available to ensure that your company meets the demanding needs of its users, BT Ireland can provide advice, support, guidance and recommendations on a range of connectivity solutions – from LAN to WAN and switching to wireless options.


  • Choose the right connectivity for your business from a wireless network, WAN, LAN or even fibre! And with our Riverbed solution, bandwidth costs are kept to a minimum but WAN connectivity to a maximum
  • Review your company infrastructure and understand what is required and provide you with a consultancy type approach to recommend the right solution for optimum performance
  • Choose the right resilient communications for both now and the future
  • Design, plan and install a wireless network across your whole environment, ensuring continuity of service
  • Design a future proof network for all your communications needs

The corporate network lies at the heart of an organisations effectiveness with the need to provide reliable, high speed secure access to users to perform their day to day activities. With the uptake of VoIP, rich media applications and ever increasing communications methods, the requirement for an optimum and agile network infrastructure is constantly increasing.


  • LAN – making the right choice for your company’s needs
  • WAN – providing the right technology, backed up by the right connectivity with the option of Riverbed, a solution to help you optimise performance whilst reducing costs
  • Core Switching – which network, which system – advice dedicated to you
  • Wireless – giving your organisation a network which is usable by all, is secure and gives value for money


Why BT

A recognised leader in business services

We have been recognised by Gartner as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Pan-European Network Service Providers in December 2008 as well as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers in January 2009. (Source: Gartner, December 2008).

We place a strong focus on business continuity and disaster recovery and have the capability to offer everything from PBX backup to intra-data centre data storage and retrieval networks. We also offer professional services for business impact analysis, risk and vulnerability assessments.

By operating under a vendor-agnostic policy we have been able to develop strong relationships with a number of partners that give us flexibility in supporting a variety of applications, servers, hardware, operating systems and Web and database servers.

The latest technology, at your service

We’ve invested heavily in research and development – so you don’t have to. Our services and expertise are some of the best available, which means you can focus on your core business. And because everything’s managed and maintained by us, you’ll get the benefits of the latest technology with minimal up-front cost.

Greener by design

Exploiting the latest technology means more environmental efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. BT has won awards for its green credentials – for instance, the Green Award was one of four we picked up at the World Communication Awards in 2010.

BT is a trusted supplier in Ireland and is headquartered in both Dublin and Belfast. With a proven track record in delivering network infrastructure, we invest significantly in our network across Ireland and throughout the world. We do this to provide high quality network services, while bringing the benefits of product innovation to our customers.

In Ireland, the scale and breadth of our local and global networks and services is unrivalled. To learn more about BT Compute, or how BT can help your business get the most from your ICT investment, contact your BT Account Manager, or fill in our online callback form here.