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BT Ireland will optimise your core infrastructure to ensure that you are maximising efficiencies and taking advantage of new applications that will be key to driving your organisational strategy. As technology matures and your company needs change, you need to drive your business forward in the best way possible.

You may require assistance in understanding the best architecture you should deploy, build, run and manage as well as ensuring that you are running and operating at the most efficient level possible.


  • Design, procure, build, deploy, run and manage the right architecture for your data centre infrastructure
  • Build the new services your company needs to achieve their data goals
  • Optimise your existing infrastructure to ensure that your business is cost effective, has deployed the best processes and has enabled virtualisation across your estate
  • Run and operate more effectively, including recommendations on software solutions
  • Plan your future investments to ensure you achieve your strategic goals

BT Ireland can provide your company with support, advice and information to help you get the most from the business critical servers and data centre requirements which power your organisation – all of which are supported by security and back-up services.  From designing solutions built to your individual needs, and configuring, building and deploying in your own environment, BT Ireland brings this experience as you need it.  You can then focus on your business and enjoy the benefits of the highest quality infrastructure.


Virtualisation – helping you to rationalise your estate, reduce costs and improve productivity.

You may be experiencing an increase in running costs and issues with server and data management. Looking at a virtualised approach may enable you to improve your productivity, reduce your costs and enhance your flexibility to respond quickly to the changing needs of your business.

Data Management – understanding your organisational needs and providing the right solution.

Data size is continually increasing, email continues to be used more and more and users want to retain every last piece of information.  This can cause huge storage headaches.  You may need to virtualise your storage environments, or consolidate your existing storage into something more manageable and cost effective.  With a range of solutions available, we can help you to make the right choices by recommending the right approach, design and support to meet your challenging needs.

Data Processing – Advise, procure, deploy and configure.

We can help your company streamline your server estate by either virtualisation or taking over the management on your behalf.  You may continually need to deploy new software which needs to be configured and managed, but your time is needed elsewhere.  We can help by understanding your company server and data centre strategy and advising you on the best way to make this happen.

Datacentre Options – understanding what is available and how your company can benefit

There are a number of different options every company should consider to ensure that they are getting what they need.  Managing your own data may be the best option for your organisation but this can also cause headaches with on-going management, upgrades and maintenance.  We have a range of solutions from simple Co-Location to a fully managed service which helps with those headaches and answers the many questions posed regarding rack space, heating implications, cooling and power requirements.

Software – a range of software solutions to complement your data centre infrastructure

Provision of the right software is key to the running of your business.  You have invested in your data centre and infrastructure but without the right software to support, then your choices may be limited.  We can help to understand your business goals and recommend the software which works with your infrastructure and gives you the solution you need.

Back-Up – ensuring your company data is fully protected, easily accessible and cost-effective

Cost effective, compliant, resilient and scalable to meet the demands of your company is a priority when thinking about data back-up.  We can help you to understand the best ways to cost-effectively back-up your organisational data whilst understanding user requirements and the confidence they need in knowing that their important data is safe and secure.


Why BT

A recognised leader in business services

BT operates 2 data centres in Ireland, 11 in the UK and another 51 across the globe, giving us exceptional experience in providing the services businesses.

We have been recognised by Gartner as a Leader in the Magic Quadrant for Pan-European Network Service Providers in December 2008 as well as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers in January 2009. (Source: Gartner, December 2008).

We place a strong focus on business continuity and disaster recovery and have the capability to offer everything from PBX backup to intra-data centre data storage and retrieval networks. We also offer professional services for business impact analysis, risk and vulnerability assessments.

By operating under a vendor-agnostic policy we have been able to develop strong relationships with a number of partners that give us flexibility in supporting a variety of applications, servers, hardware, operating systems and Web and database servers.

The latest technology, at your service

We’ve invested heavily in research and development – so you don’t have to. Our services and expertise are some of the best available, which means you can focus on your core business. And because everything’s managed and maintained by us, you’ll get the benefits of the latest technology with minimal up-front cost.

Greener by design

Exploiting the latest technology means more environmental efficiency and a lower carbon footprint. BT has won awards for its green credentials – for instance, the Green Award was one of four we picked up at the World Communication Awards in 2010.

Working with a trusted partner.

BT is a trusted supplier in Ireland and is headquartered in both Dublin and Belfast. With a proven track record in delivering network infrastructure, we invest significantly in our network across Ireland and throughout the world. We do this to provide high quality network services, while bringing the benefits of product innovation to our customers.

In Ireland, the scale and breadth of our local and global networks and services is unrivalled. To learn more about BT Compute, or how BT can help your business get the most from your ICT investment, contact your BT Account Manager, or fill in our online callback form here.




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