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BT Ethernet Connect (Ireland)

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Adaptive Ethernet

BT Ethernet Connect Ireland is designed to give you great connectivity. It takes advantage of technology developments to give you the flexility to support many types of network connections to your business locations while being backed up by the high performance you expect from BT. A key advantage is that with BT Ethernet Connect Ireland, you have a range of options - from replacing legacy leased lines to connecting multiple services with a single connection. BT Ethernet Connect Ireland is also a key enabler of your move to Cloud services. Affordable, resilient and reliable, it is the ideal Ethernet solution for your business.

Adapt to a changing world

Adapt our Ethernet solution to suit your business needs whether you start by connecting one site to one service e.g. Internet Access, or by building a network connecting a number of sites to multiple services e.g. branches to a HQ via wide area network technologies. In the past, leased line connections had meant users were faced with high bandwidth costs when upgrades were needed. With Ethernet as your solution, it scales as you need it without needing to add new connections. The adaptable multi-service access capability of our Ethernet solution means that your delivery costs for services such as Internet Access, MPLS, National/International Private Line and SIP Trunking are minimised.

BT Ethernet Connect Ireland enables you to choose from a predefined set of options. With this flexible approach you not only address your immediate requirements, but you also have the ability to adapt our Ethernet solution to meet your future needs.


Features and Benefits

Feature Benefit
Circuit Speeds 512kbps to 1gbps A variety of bandwidths to suit your business needs
Service Class Premium service class No sharing of bandwidth with anyone else - equivalent to a leased line
Scalability Add and scale service VLAN's Services can be added and bandwidths can be upgraded as required
Service Availability We have extensive fibre and carrier-class Ethernet switching assets nationally and globally We are where your business is with our Metro, National and International service reach
Performance End-to-end SLA's with industry leading service characteristics A service that can be trusted to support your business critical applications
Multi-Service access BT Ethernet Connect Ireland supports private line (national and international), MPLS, SIP Trunking and IP Line services One connection to multiple services, reducing access costs and provisioning lead times


Having BT as a one-stop shop for interconnectivity within Ireland, Europe and the rest of the world is the reason we signed up, along with the ability to take multiple services across a single link”
PM Group

Managing your costs

BT Ethernet Connect Ireland positions your business to take advantage of the very latest cost-optimised cost optimised technologies by improving your connections between your offices services and people. Our continued investment in our fibre networks in Ireland and globally means that we are closer to your business than ever before. We can deliver fibre based Ethernet to your business more cost-effectively than any other provider.


In challenging times you need to collaborate and innovate for growth; streamlining your business to grow faster than the competition. For example, to be competitive you may place great importance on being early to market with a new product or service. Having the right bandwidth for colleagues to work together internally and with suppliers and partners, means development and decision making is faster and you can get ahead.

Connecting your sites

BT Ethernet Connect Ireland is only one of a suite of networking products that we offer to connect your sites together (or to other BT services). BT Ethernet Connect Ireland typically suits fewer site connections with higher bandwidth requirements. On the other hand, BT IP Connect suits many sites with lesser bandwidth needs.


Why BT

Working with a trusted partner – international reach, local expertise

BT is a trusted supplier in Ireland and is headquartered in both Dublin and Belfast. With a proven track record in delivering network infrastructure, we invest significantly in our network across Ireland and throughout the world. We do this to provide high quality network services whilst bringing the benefits of product innovation to our customers.

In Ireland, the scale and breadth of our local and global networks and services is unrivalled. We employ many of the leading network and IT services experts on the island, with over 300 accredited and certified professionals, and can draw on the support of our global business where required.

We partner with technology leaders like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, VMWare and EMC2 to integrate their products into our customer solutions.

We are at the forefront of global VPN technology, and have been pioneers of Ethernet services. We can act as a single supplier for all your network and ICT needs and offer flexible, consisten t service levels and an exceptional customer experience. 




Download the BT Class of Service Whitepaper

BT Class of Service Whitepaper >

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Download the BT Class of Service Whitepaper


Download the Ethernet Connect datasheet

Ethernet Connect datasheet >

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Download the Ethernet Connect datasheet