BT Inbound Contact

Handle customer calls more effectively, increase loyalty and maximise your resources

What is BT Inbound Contact?

A total managed voice solution for contact centres, inbound calls are routed to the most suitable agent for a faster resolution of customer queries. As well as the reach and reliability of our global voice network, BT provides flexible access options, intelligent routing, embedded applications and reporting tools to enhance customer service.

Why now?

With 85 per cent of people choosing the phone as their preferred channel and 79 per cent more likely to buy from companies that are easier to contact, BT Inbound Contact is a powerful way to grow customer loyalty and achieve competitive advantage.

How do you start?

Once you are on the BT network, we will help you choose a number structure that is right for your business. You decide how much the caller pays with options that include freephone, shared cost, or premium rate. Allocate different numbers to customer locations or marketing campaigns.

The benefits of BT Inbound Contact


Route call from anywhere in the world to the most suitable agent or automated solution to answer queries more effectively. Faster call resolution improves the customer experience and encourages loyalty.


Manage agents more efficiently through a single virtual entity that can be scaled up or down as the business requires. Better call management is guaranteed regardless of where calls originate from or where they are answered.


Integrate multiple geographies in a single service. Our global network has physical nodes in over 37 countries, takes calls from more than 170 and can terminate anywhere in the world.


With BT as a single supplier you have one point of contact, consolidated invoicing, greater transparency, comprehensive reporting and volume discounting for better value.

Why BT?

  • 1

    Our 25 years of global experience has given us a proven track record in delivering network infrastructure.

  • 2

    Our end-to-end technical capability, from the network to the desktop, enables us to integrate BT Inbound contact into any environment.

  • 3

    Our in-depth expertise and global capability has made us a trusted partner to world-leading brands and blue-chip companies.

  • 4

    Our guarantee of 99.998 uptime and availability gives your contact centre the network resilience it needs to build better customer relationships.

  • 5

    Our scale, breadth and continuous investment in local and global networks is unrivalled.

  • 6

    Our capacity to innovate lets you leverage technology to stay ahead of the game and achieve competitive advantage.