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Flexibility to meet your needs

BT Internet Connect has a range of options and features to meet your exact needs:

  • High-speed access - Speeds are available up to 10 Gbps . What’s more, BT Internet Connect can be delivered over a variety of technologies including Ethernet Connect or Leased Line, providing highly cost-effective access to the Internet.
  • Global coverage - BT Internet Connect offers deep coverage wherever your business requirements need it, providing a high-quality service in 37 countries with deep in-country coverage in many countries to reduce the cost of network access for you.
  • High quality peering - BT Internet Connect exchanges Internet traffic with other global Internet providers in Internet Exchanges around the world. Combining BT’s existing global Internet backbone with our extensive peering arrangements ensures a high-speed network with rapid delivery times to all Internet destinations around the world.
  • Customer reporting - BT offers up-to-date and realtime reporting features through a secure web-based portal. These can help you identify how efficiently your bandwidth is being used and enable you to make informed decisions about your bandwidth requirements, giving you full control and visibility of your service and costs.
  • Resilience options –We understand the Internet is mission critical 24 x 7, so we have a range of techniques and services to maximize availability.
  • Customer Premises Equipment –Depending on your needs, BT has partnerships with a wide range of leading equipment vendors and can also offer consultancy and maintenance services.
  • IP features – the standard services of a business grade Internet service are included. These are domain name registration, primary and secondary Domain Names Services and mail relay. We also offer as many IPv4 addresses as you require and can justify to RIPE. IPv6 support is also available.
  • Performance reports – on line bandwidth utilisation reports are available for the previous 24hrs, week, month and previous months.


Improving your Internet connected world

The Internet is important to the way we work today. You need a service you trust and you can rely on. It is a cost effective way to interconnect your offices and to communicate with your employees, home workers as well as customers and suppliers, wherever and whenever they want to connect to the Internet. BT Internet Connect gives you:

  • Reduced management complexity –We manage and control every component of all your Internet connections. You can remove the headaches of dealing with multiple suppliers in different locations.
  • Improved customer experience – BT Internet Connect is optimized for performance. Our guaranteed bandwidth ensures your applications can perform at their best, improving customer experience, productivity and profitability.
  • Consistent high performance - All your offices benefit from the same high quality service. The service is uncontended (1:1) in the BT Internet Connect network. The ordered bandwidth is fully guaranteed and always on. BT Internet Connect offers a comprehensive service level agreement that covers performance, availability and delivery as standard, backed up by service credits as and when appropriate.
  • Rapid global deployment – We have thousands of delivery experts in all Internet Connect countries, working to meet committed delivery dates.
  • Off-load your private VPNs – Your less-critical business applications can be redirected from your private VPN service to a more cost-effective Internet based service.
  • Connect to cloud services – Create your own Virtual Data Centre and use “Software as a Service” solutions to decrease IT costs and improve the availability of your corporate applications.
  • Cost-effective access for remote workers – Complement BT Internet Connect with our BT MobileXpress service so that your mobile or home workers can access the Internet without making expensive national or international calls.


Flexible, assured availability and performance

BT Internet Connect has been designed for customers that require:

  • Simple administration through a single supplier - Because of BT’s global reach, you can choose BT Internet Connect across all your global sites. You have a single-point-of-contact, a single customer Service Desk, reporting tools and invoice.
  • Availability of other application and VPN services - BT Internet Connect has even more value in combination with:
    • IP Connect Global: our private MPLS based VPN service
    • IPSec VPN features to off-load applications from a private VPN to a lower cost Internet based VPN using BT Internet Connect.
    • Firewalls, intrusion detection, SPAM protection and other security service to implement your corporate Internet protection strategy
    • Application Management Services for the monitoring, acceleration or optimization of your most important applications.
  • Improved customer experience - BT Internet Connect is optimised for performance. The service is uncontended. The full bandwidth is available for you.
The network is reliable and has made it easier for us to communicate both internally and with our clients. It will strengthen our business by supporting new business applications.”
Erwin Roze, Geoservices


Why BT

Working with a trusted partner – international reach, local expertise

Buying from BT not only means that you are buying a world-class, next-generation service, but it also means you are benefiting from over 20 years of investment in the design, building and management of secure networks around the globe. Over that time, we’ve created many resilient and feature-rich networks for customers in both the public and private sectors.

We are at the forefront of global VPN technology. We can act as a single supplier for all your IT needs, and offer flexible, consistent service levels and an exceptional customer experience.

BT is a global provider of communications solutions and IT services. We have significant local operations in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland with close to 3,000 employees on the island of Ireland.

We employ many of the leading network and IT services experts on the island, with over 300 accredited and certified professionals, and can draw on the support of our global business where required. We partner with technology leaders like Cisco, Avaya, Microsoft, HP, Oracle, VMWare and EMC2 to integrate their products into our customer solutions.

We are at the forefront of global VPN technology, and have been pioneers of Ethernet services. We can act as a single supplier for all your network & ICT needs, and offer flexible, consistent service levels and an exceptional customer experience.

Our capabilities are well recognised across the industry. We’re featured in the Leadership category of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Global Network Providers. We are a leader in Forrester’s Wave managed global MPLS services. We are “outperforming our nearest rivals” on network availability according to Telemark 2011.

Our team of support professionals operates in more than 75 countries, and we have the world’s largest qualified technical expertise resources, with more than 4,000 Cisco-certified engineers.




Download the BT Internet Connect Ireland datasheet

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Download the BT Internet Connect Ireland datasheet

Download the BT Internet Connect Ireland datasheet

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