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BT IP Connect Ireland

BT IP Connect Ireland is a flexible network that’s reliable, sustainable and simple. IP Connect Ireland lets you connect different sites with different needs, locally and nationally and the UK, in the fastest, most efficient way to unlock your full business potential. It can simplify your communications over a single IP VPN (MPLS) network with built-in security and scope to expand.

BT IP Connect Network Performance Management tool allows you to check the status of your Network from anywhere, at any time, giving you real time updates on how each node and piece of equipment is performing making sure your Network is running optimally for your organisation.

You can check such things as the functional parameters of hardware, the loads on systems memory and CPU Utilisation, as well as useful reports such as the top 5 applications running on the network.

See examples of the screen displays below:

Network Performance Management tool  screen grab
Network Performance Management tool  screen grab


Smarter IP VPNs work harder for your business

Use our IP Connect Ireland platform to connect your enterprise in the fastest, most efficient way and unlock your full business potential. Be prepared for the future and move to a new dimension of intelligent networks that should be intuitively intelligent, instantly adaptive, totally reliable, highly sustainable and ingeniously simple. You can choose the access option with the performance you need at the right price for each of your sites.

Be fast and flexible, with more access options

You can connect all your sites, from data centres and large company offices to small agents, and choose the right access for each one: Ethernet in the first mile (EFM), DSL and 3G Backup. They all communicate with each other through the network with no need for point-to-point connection, and once the infrastructure is in place you can add new applications and more offices quickly whenever you’re ready. To that, we add Class of Service for fixed-line sites to make sure your applications experience the network performance they need while you benefit from online network performance reporting.

Cut costs, build productivity

Take your business to the next level of efficiency with a single platform that can help you bring voice, video, mobile and conferencing together. Through IP Connect Ireland you can access a whole range of market leading hosted “cloud” services including, BT On Demand Compute (cloud computing), BT Cloud Contact (cloud contact centre) and SIP trunking.

Simplify your management, stay in control

Using one supplier lowers your admin and management costs and gives you more resources to concentrate on your core business. You’ll also get full visibility with clear SLAs, comprehensive reports and your own service desk.


Challenging times means competing like never before. Running your organisation as efficiently as possible and focussing on what you are really good at is the name of the game.

If you are a multi-site business, want to get more from your communications network and want to get back to focussing on your core business, then BT IP Connect Ireland may be the service for you. BT IP Connect Ireland is our next generation IP VPN (MPLS) service. It is the ideal way to connect all of your sites to a single private IP VPN for your organisation’s voice and data applications.

Keeping multiple sites connected

BT IP Connect Ireland connects your local, national and UK sites through a variety of different technologies to maintain the efficient running of your organisation. The service offers you maximum flexibility to stay ahead of the game, meeting changing needs, ensure business continuity and help to reduce your costs. If you have multiple sites that need to communicate with one another and you need to prioritise your key business traffic and aplications over web based traffic and email then BT IP Connect Ireland is the smart option.


Why BT

Trust the experts

We have an extensive portfolio of network services to meet your requirements in Ireland, UK and the rest of the world.

Our capabilities recognized across the industry by analysts:

  • We lead on Network Availability – one of your top 3 priorities – Telemark 2011
  • Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Pan European Network Service Providers Magic
  • Quadrant for the 7th consecutive year
  • Leaders quadrant of the Gartner Global Network Services Providers Magic Quadrant for the 6th year
  • In 2010 we were recognized at the World Communications Awards as the “Best Global Operator”.




Download the BT Class of Service Whitepaper

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Download the BT Class of Service Whitepaper


Download the BT IP Connect Ireland Datasheet

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Download the BT IP Connect Ireland Datasheet