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BT IP Connect Global

To succeed, organisations need IT and network services that can respond to fluctuating market conditions. BT IP Connect Global gives organisations exactly that flexibility. Our
global IP VPN service offers you a dependable, versatile, secure and fast platform to improve company-wide processes and ensures you can gain maximum value from your enterprise applications. And that, in turn, leads to increased responsiveness.

The key to this lies in its Class-of-Service (CoS) differentiation. What this means is that the network can distinguish between high priority traffic (such as ERP applications, voice and multimedia) and non- time sensitive traffic such as email. It can then prioritise the right traffic in line with your requirements, ensuring your mission critical data applications receive optimal service at all times irrespective of the growth of competing, lower priority traffic.

BT IP Connect Global offers bandwidth options up to 1 Gbps meaning you can select the amount of capacity you need – and grow incrementally from there.


Smarter IP VPNs work harder for your business

Use our IP VPN MPLS platforms to connect your global enterprise in the fastest, most efficient way and unlock your full business potential. Be prepared for the future and move to a new dimension of intelligent networks that should be intuitively intelligent, instantly adaptive, totally reliable, highly sustainable and ingeniously simple. You can choose the access option with the performance you need at the right price for each of your sites.

Be fast and flexible, with more access options

You can connect all your sites, from data centres and large company offices to small agents, and choose the right access for each one: leased line, Ethernet, DSL or internet-based hybrid VPN. They all communicate with each other through the network with no need for point-to-point connection, and once the infrastructure is in place you can add new applications and more offices quickly whenever you’re ready.

Cut costs, build productivity

Take your business to the next level of efficiency by removing the need for multiple networks with a single platform that can be the basis for bringing your voice, video, mobile and conferencing services together in 197 countries.

Simplify your management, stay in control

Using one supplier lowers your admin and management costs and gives you more resources to concentrate on your core business. You’ll also get full visibility with clear SLAs, comprehensive reports and your own service desk.

The network has been successful and has met our expectations. It gives us the ability to run European production processes with much greater efficiency, with traffic being prioritised as required.”
- Bill Taylor, Group IT Director, Avon Rubber


Key features

  • 6 Classes of Service model - Through the 6 Classes of Service model, performance for each application is assured and network utilization is optimized. The model is highly future- proofed, providing total transparency and scalability to support your future business growth.
  • Comprehensive performance report: From our BT Global Services Customer Portal, you can monitor the performance of your network connectivity whenever you need to via a secure web interface.
  • 24/7 service and support : Consistent support is provided across the world, including local language support alongside a single point of contact for provisioning and troubleshooting.


Why BT

Trust the experts

  • BT is the world’s largest IP VPN provider
  • We have more than 20 years’ experience in designing, running and managing global IP networks for government and for leading organisations around the globe.
  • We have 20,000 support people in more than 75 countries, and the world’s biggest team of technical experts, with more than 4,000 Cisco-certified engineers and 560 Nortel-certified engineers.
  • Our IP Connect services are available in 197 countries with hybrid VPN available in 177 countries.




Download the BT Class of Service Whitepaper

BT Class of Service Whitepaper >

PDF - 1627 Kb

Download the BT Class of Service Whitepaper


Download the BT IP Connect Global Datasheet

BT IP Connect Global >

PDF - 975 Kb

Download the BT IP Connect Global Datasheet

Download the BT IP Connect Global Datasheet

BT Connect Global Fast Turn Up >

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Download the BT Connect Global Fast Turn Up Datasheet