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The introduction of flexible working can transform your business performance and your balance sheet. It can help you boost productivity, retain talented people and reduce operational costs. Most importantly, flexible working means your employees can work anywhere.

Work anywhere simply and securely. Successful flexible working means giving your employees straightforward, trouble-free access to corporate information and applications wherever they are –at home, travelling and visiting customers – without compromising your data security.

Using BT MobileXpress, your people can connect to your network simply and securely anywhere in the world, via fixed or wireless networks. BT MobileXpress creates a virtual work environment for employees while protecting your corporate information and applications with strong, multi-layered security, even if someone is connecting from an Internet café or home network.

BT MobileXpress ensures that your business remains fully operational – even when employees can’t travel to the office. Business as usual, whatever the weather BT MobileXpress satisfies both the individual user’s need for simplicity and connectivity and the organisation’s demand for the most robust security. There are three core components to BT MobileXpress, plus an extensive set of management tools that help you make the most from your investment.

BT MobileXpress User Interface – connect to your corporate network and applications through a single, intuitive interface installed as a small application to PCs or Smart Devices. Access, Authentication and security are rolled into a single seamless connection process, making it simple for the user to get online and start work. This straightforward connection process reduces user problems and consequently the number of calls to your helpdesk.

BT MobileXpress Security – our range of security modules allow your users to connect safely to your private network from untrusted devices such as home PCs and in public Wi-Fi environments. Consequently, in times of travel disruption, public health crises or civil emergencies, you can quickly and easily extend flexible working to everyone who needs it.

BT MobileXpress Availability – we provide end-users with access in more than 160 countries. BT MobileXpress automatically chooses the best connection available, and manages all the complexity of logging on, so that your mobile employees have the freedom to work anywhere without delay.

BT MobileXpress will also manage your own corporate access, such as your private, corporate wireless network or via 3G from an extended list of available mobile network providers. We can even provide the option to be ‘always on’, so that your employees need log on only once in the working day, even if the connection is disrupted or the user decides to change network.


Keep your people connected, wherever they are, whatever device they’re using

Flexible working can transform your business, boosting productivity, reducing operating costs, increasing competitiveness and helping you hold on to valued employees. BT MobileXpress helps make it happen by providing secure connections to your network and applications, and letting you manage access to both.

Be more flexible – and more productive

Your people, customers, suppliers and partners aren’t just using PCs to do their jobs anymore. They’re using a growing array of tablets and smart phones too. BT MobileXpress supports all devices, from all users, underpinned by market-leading security, management and global access options. Your people can connect however they want, with fixed broadband, mobile broadband or Wi-Fi from almost anywhere in the world. Working on the move or at home makes travel time working time.

Keep your information safe

BT MobileXpress comes with strong, multi-layered security, even if someone is connecting from an internet café or home network, or using a business device or personal smart phone. So your data is always protected, and you have full control of who has access.

Combine easy access with strong security

Our single, intuitive user interface installed on a PC or smart phone gives access, authentication and security in one. It makes it easy for users to connect without worrying about changing configurations, and it helps them link up smoothly with your online applications. You can also use it to collect data to help improve the user experience.

Spend less on property and admin

With flexible working, you could cut your running costs by up to 30 per cent, and get your money back within 18 months. And by using one supplier, you get a streamlined IT structure and one bill, making your mobile access easier to manage.

Very few service providers are able to demonstrate an understanding of local complexities with regards to flexible working and BT is well placed.
OVUM 2008.


Making mobile working better

We’ve been making organisations more flexible with mobile working for over a decade. We work with leading providers like security experts Juniper Networks and RSA Security to give you a service that exceeds your needs and helps you plan for the future.

BT MobileXpress is part of our work in BT. Anywhere portfolio, which includes everything you need to set up mobile working. We do it all, so you won’t have to look for separate suppliers. And we have 10,000 experts around the world ready to advise you on the best mobile working approach for your organisation.

600,000 business people around the world rely on BT Mobile Xpress to connect to their corporate networks. That's roughly equal to the combined population of the cities of Belfast, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford.

And in BT, we use it too – in the UK alone we have 75,000 people who work flexibly, saving us €750 million per year on property costs, and delivering an estimated 20 per cent boost in productivity from our flexible workers.


Why BT

Working with a trusted partner

BT is a trusted supplier in Ireland and is headquartered in both Dublin and Belfast. With a proven track record in delivering network infrastructure, we invest significantly in our network across Ireland and throughout the world.

We do this to provide high quality network services whilst bringing the benefits of product innovation to our customers. In Ireland, the scale and breadth of our local and global networks and services is unrivalled.

Find out more about BT MobileXpress

Contact your BT Account Manager to learn more about BT MobileXpress and how you can improve your organisations ICT requirements, or call us in Dublin on Freephone 1800 924 924.

BT MobileXpress is a registered Trademark of British Telecommunications Plc.




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