BT One Voice

A single service that cuts costs dramatically by consolidating voice and data onto one network

What is BT One Voice?

Voice becomes another application on the network, leveraging Internet Protocol for Voice over IP, and IP telephony that allows users to take calls anywhere using one number on any device – laptop, tablet, fixed or mobile phone. Run across your own VPN (Virtual Private Network), BT guarantees a robust and consistent service tailored to specific business needs, domestic and international.

Why now?

To stay competitive in an increasingly connected world, organisations need cost-effective telephony that offers more features and functionality. BT One Voice also opens the door to the convergence of voice and data, providing a stepping-stone to Unified Communication and Collaboration (UC&C) services that encompass new collaboration tools.

How do you start?

BT will build a bridge between old and new systems, taking you from traditional telephony and older network technologies to IP at your pace in parts of the business that you choose. You can run old and new sytems in tandem and converge them over time.

The benefits of BT One Voice

Fast return

Moving to IP delivers a fast return on investment as costs tumble, particularly on overseas and mobile calls that you can keep on your VPN.


Make “adds, moves, and changes” quickly and easily without incurring any extra costs and let BT manage multiple sites as an all-in-one service.


One size doesn’t fit all in networks and telephony, which is why BT will integrate whatever you have with what the business needs.


A first step in convergence, the adoption of IP networks is necessary for any organisation that wants to explore Unified Communications and Collaboration.

Meet the BT One Voice family

  • One Voice SIP trunking opens up your network up to a range of Unified Communications and Collaboration applications. Also available, a SIP VPN for routing calls over your WAN and making the most of your private network at no extra cost.

  • One Voice global VPN: your own virtual private network carries voice and data traffic securely over a public network and delivers call savings of 25 per cent. Available in more than 75 countries.

  • One Voice mobile access: all international mobile calls go to our One Voice network and across the globe at lower rates. Available in 29 countries.

  • One Voice anywhere: lower your mobile costs by routing as many of your calls as possible over your existing BT One Voice network. Using the web to make and receive calls can save over 45 per cent on mobile costs.

As part of the One Voice service, BT can also provide comprehensive analytics to drive costs down further and business resilience products to guarantee uptime.

Why BT?

  • 1

    Our local and global footprint facilitates highly competitive prices on local, national, mobile and international calls.

  • 2

    Our legacy is voice. We have decades of experience which means your voice services are always in the best hands.

  • 3

    Our One Voice solution is one component in a suite of communication services that can be “switched on” when you want.

  • 4

    Our approach links old and next-generation services seamlessly to protect existing investments and get the most out of new ones.

  • 5

    Our services are available to any business with any infrastructure because we facilitate multiple network access points including PSTN, ISDN and SIP.

  • 6

    Our end-to-end capability means that BT can be your trusted partner to future-proof all your communication needs.

Frequently Asked Questions – Answered

Where is One Voice available?

Voice connectivity and SIP services in a total of 75 countries with full PSTN replacement in 17 countries. One Voice anywhere can be sold in 27 countries and used anywhere in the world (subject to local regulation).

What if I have lots of telephony different systems?

One Voice will take away the complexity of managing voice, offering one order form, one bill, one set of SLAs, on pricing scheme. There’s no need to replace your legacy equipment until you’re ready.

How can I save costs?

One Voice lower costs and complexity (If you spend more than €900k on your voice communications annually, add BT One Voice to your BT IP Connect service to save up to 25%. Add One Voice anywhere and you can save over 45% on your mobile costs)

One Voice Pricing Update

  • Loyalty Plan - 2016 will be the last year of the Loyalty Plan. We will replace it with an equivalent increase in your All Ireland call discount rate to give you an immediate benefit on a monthly basis.

  • Telenumber Monthly Charges - Our Telenumber unit pricing will increase from 1st February 2016 to 9.50 per month. The new price is competitive – approx 30% less than the Eir monthly tariff.

  • PRI Monthly Charges – monthly charges will increase by €10 per month from 1st February 2016 for 8, 16 and 30 number blocks. The new price is competitive – still less than the Eir monthly tariff.

  • Mirroring revised Wholesale costs, the cost of Freephone calls from the O2 network have increased and have reduced from the Three Ireland network. The base rates exclude VAT and any discounts that may apply.