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Get your customers talking to the right person

Unify voice, video and data to help your advisors support multiple interactions simultaneously with BT and Cisco. Together with our skills-based IP routing and interactive voice response (IVR) systems you can supply your customers with the best possible service from unified contact centre sites. We can also help you bridge the gap between time-division multiplexing (TDM) and Internet protocol (IP) infrastructures by integrating collaboration applications over both technology platforms.


Capitalise on your employees' communication skills

Through our market-leading partnership with Cisco, BT can help you to:

  • Deliver improved customer service by enhancing your responsiveness and streamlining customer interactions.
  • Boost productivity by integrating voice, chat, email and collaboration to form a cohesive, agile contact centre.
  • Centralise your multi-site and remote working contact centre operations into one virtual contact centre to maximise organisational efficiency.
  • Realise savings by optimising your workforce, enabling you to reduce staff numbers without sacrificing productivity.
  • Maximise your return on investment by ensuring the most highly skilled advisors deal with your highest value customers.
  • Produce more effective and cost-efficient telemarketing campaigns with advanced outbound calling options.
  • Lower your carbon footprint and reduce premises costs by encouraging remote and flexible working.
  • Increase customer satisfaction, loyalty and retention by providing a personalised service with a high first call resolution rate.


Maximise the efficiency of your contact centre

Our Accredited Technology Partner (ATP) status with Cisco enables us to offer our joint customers many organisation-enhancing products. BT Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise is available as an OnPremise or a hosted product, for flexible deployment. It includes features that can help you:

  • Increase customer satisfaction and reduce operator load with 24/7 interactive voice response for customers.
  • Unify your contact centres and remote workers through resource consolidation and virtualisation.
  • Easily and cost-efficiently enable temporary advisors, who can be brought online during seasonal high call volume through Mobile Agent.
  • Ensure better matches between your advisors and customers with skills-based routing through automated call distribution.
  • Reduce advisor load and subsequent operating costs with interactive voice response for your customers, featuring speech recognition and text-to-speech capabilities.
  • Manage advisor status and activity, and record or silently monitor calls to help control advisor workload and improve your quality of service with a powerful management tool.
  • Save time and prevent your customers from needlessly repeating information by providing advisors with immediate access to caller data on their desktops.
  • Generate telemarketing campaigns and inform customers of new services through our outbound dialling capabilities.
  • Enable your customers to contact you via their preferred method, with email, web chat and collaboration options.


Detailed description

Talk, chat and message your way to satisfied customers

BT Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise enables you to increase your contact centre's operational efficiency and provide a better service to your customers across a single or multi-site contact centre environment. The all-in-one software package is designed for large organisations with more than 500 advisors.

Central to the IP-based product is sophisticated call routing through automated call distribution. This enables incoming calls to be routed to the most appropriate operator, whether in-house or working remotely, to maximise your revenue and your level of service.

In addition, sophisticated self-service applications, delivered through interactive voice response, can assist customers with less complex requirements, freeing up your advisors for more difficult requests.

You can also take advantage of unified communications which enables all interactions, such as calls, emails and web chats, to be conducted from a single desktop, complete with advisor views of instant customer data via the desktop.

Included in the product is a powerful supervisor desktop with management tools. This enables management of your advisor workload and record and monitor calls for training purposes – all designed to help you enhance the customer experience. You can instantly view team performance, advisor statistics and status as well as create a three-way conference with an advisor and the customer to help resolve concerns.

Detailed current and historical data can be accessed with management and reporting tools for a thorough analysis of areas for improvement within your contact centre. These tools also enable you to streamline the provisioning and configuration of your operations, via modifications to phones, advisors, skill groups and other contact centre administrative functions.


Technical specifications

Key applications for an agile contact centre

With BT Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise you can enjoy the following key applications.

Routing capabilities and benefits

The system profiles each customer contact as they call, using data such as dialled number, caller-entered digits and information obtained from a customer database. The system then matches the resources available in your contact centre with customer needs. Factors can include advisor skills and availability, interactive-voice-response status and queue lengths.

Web chat and collaboration

Web Chat and Collaboration helps your advisors respond immediately to customer questions, using your website along with text chat or web collaboration. Your advisors can use web collaboration together with a voice conversation, enabling advisors and customers to share websites and collaboratively complete online forms. Customer requests are routed using the same routing logic as for voice calls.

Email management

Email management handles large volumes of customer email inquiries. It accelerates the response process by automatically directing messages to the right advisor or support team. It categorises and prioritises messages, suggesting relevant response templates and, if desired, sends automated replies.

Cisco Outbound Option

This enables you to generate new telemarketing campaigns and inform customers of new services. Campaigns can be built to use predictive, progressive or preview dialling. Advisors can be allocated to handle only inbound, only outbound, or both inbound and outbound contacts.

Supervisor desktop

Supervisor Desktop monitors advisor performance data and enables you to record calls, chat to advisors and send team messages. This enables your managers to train and encourage your advisors to process calls more efficiently. Your contact centre managers can see team performance, advisor statistics and status at a glance. Your supervisors can also create a three-way conference with the advisor and the customer to help resolve a concern. You can also access call recording for later review and training.

Cisco Unified Workforce Optimisation

Directly integrated with Supervisor Desktop, this unifies the tools your supervisors need to optimise team performance through Cisco Unified Workforce Optimisation Workforce Management and Cisco Quality Management software. The Workforce Management component enables your managers to develop schedules for multiple sites, manage critical performance indicators and schedules. The quality management component provides a voice compliance and evaluation solution, with optional features such as screen recording to optimise advisor performance and resolve disputes.

Computer telephony integration

BT Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise provides a programmable computer telephony integration (CTI) system. This enables custom integration with interactive voice response, advisor configuration and management services.

Interactive voice response and self-service 

BT Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise offers two options for self-service and call treatment: Cisco Unified IP Interactive Voice Response (IP IVR) and Cisco Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP).

Cisco Unified IP IVR enables your callers to easily check items such as account information through touch-tone input or speech recognition. They can also quickly navigate to the correct department or advisor for assistance.

Cisco Unified CVP operates with both time-division multiplexing (TDM) and IP-based contact centres. This provides a call-management and call-treatment solution with a self-service IVR option.

With support for automated speech recognition (ASR) and text-to-speech (TTS) capabilities Cisco Unified CVP enables your callers to obtain personalised answers to their questions and conduct business in innovative ways, without the costs of interacting with a live advisor. For example, customers can pay a bill, order products or change name and address information.

If a customer requests live advisor assistance, Cisco Unified CVP can place a call in a queue until an appropriate advisor is available. It can then transfer information given by the customer directly to the advisor along with the call itself to provide a seamless customer service experience. In addition, it can support video interactions, including self-service and queuing across mobile devices and kiosks.

Advisor desktop

Advisor desktop provides your advisors with a screen pop-up to provide customer data as calls arrive. This prevents customers from having to repeat information and calls from being redirected. Task automation buttons and the personal phone directory enable your advisors to instantly activate frequently performed functions to shorten response time and automate after-call work to follow up on a customer enquiry. Collaboration tools such as chat and transfer of caller data help keep responses accurate.


Who should buy

BT experience for a more powerful contact centre

Cisco Contact Centre Enterprise is aimed at large organisations with single or multi-site contact centres looking to create a virtual contact centre.

This product could benefit your business if you have more than 500 contact centre advisors and:

  • Have started deploying a Cisco IPT infrastructure.
  • Need to integrate multiple contact centres with a consistent technology.
  • Want to extend your Cisco Infrastructure to the contact centre.
  • Are keen to improve operational efficiency and reduce business costs.
  • Want to meet your resiliency and disaster recovery needs in a flexible, commercial environment.
  • Require a single platform to manage inbound calls as well as email and chat.
  • Are looking for increased call handling agility to respond to fluctuating demand, such as peak hours or seasonality.
  • Are looking to enter into new markets or services that will require more complex contact centre operations.
  • Are keen to improve the management of your workforce and enhance decision-making.


Why BT

Take our approach to a more effective contact centre

BT has two decades of experience serving the needs of global clients across many different markets. We run one of the UK's busiest telephone numbers – National Rail Enquiries – handling more than 50 million calls a year. In addition, we were the first organisation to supply the ability to route calls in contact centres according to customer data.

Work with BT and you can take advantage of our:

  • Impressive background in delivering agile technology solutions.
  • Proven credentials in both voice and data communications.
  • Globally trusted capability for integrating existing voice and data platforms.
  • International coverage.

In addition, BT:

  • Has more than 5,000 live hosted seats in the UK.
  • Manages more than 8 billion minutes each year on our Global Inbound Platforms.
  • Won the 2008 Frost & Sullivan Market Leadership Award for Hosted Contact Centres.

Our relationship with Cisco began in the 1990s and we now enjoy a Gold Partner relationship across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and the US. BT won the Gold Cisco Partner of the year award in 2007.

Our mutual understanding of the complex challenges faced by contact centres enables us to provide you with a reliable and cost-effective IP-based contact centre to meet your evolving needs.




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