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Global Enterprise

Global Enterprise

How do I connect sites across the world and maintain a consistent level of network service and the best possible user experience? 

As a global company you need a powerful mix of highly available and reliable network services. You want a global WAN (Wide Area Network) with high-speed point-to-point connectivity that provides a seamless experience, regardless of country and local infrastructure.

We partner organisations with an international footprint and arm them with a unique portfolio of global network services and solutions. BT IP Connect Global, our IP VPN service, facilitates intelligent networks that are highly available, and instantly adaptive. BT Internet Connect makes the web a consistent experience wherever you are.

Using BT Ethernet Connect, we build affordable, resilient and reliable networks that are easy to manage and scale. You can treat mission critical applications and low priority traffic differently, and only pay for the capacity you need.

Gain even more control with BT Connect applications, a portfolio of networking solutions that let you monitor application and web performance through a single view.