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Global Enterprise

How do I maintain close customer relationships while trying to grow an international business? 

The contact centre is difficult to manage and even harder to resource, particularly when you have to combine a global footprint with localised support.

BT has a range of solutions that integrate and optimise geographically dispersed contact centres. With virtual platforms that can be scaled to meet demand, and flexible payment models that turn contact centres into an operational rather than capital cost, we can help you improve customer satisfaction while saving money.

We run BT Inbound Contact all across the globe, a managed voice solution that uses web-based intelligent routing and real time traffic design to improve contact centre efficiency. It gives you complete control over how your customers contact you around the world.

BT Cloud Contact is a pre-packaged platform that can quickly be configured to your business. Delivered to your agents’ PCs or soft phones, no hardware or software needs to be deployed and you can grow seamlessly to meet changing demand.

BT Onsite Contact  means you can benefit from BT’s partnership with world-leading solutions providers including Avaya, Cisco and Genesys. It can turn your contact center into a more efficient and productive part of your operation, and a more engaging part of your brand.