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Global Enterprise

Voice is still a key form of communication for us, but how do we control costs and maintain quality across multiple global sites?

For a global company, voice can be a complex service made more challenging by international calls, different tariffs and multiple bills. Negotiating the best service and price across the full range of fixed and mobile calls, national and international, is a headache that resurfaces every time a bill comes in.

As a business built on telephony services, we have always made it a priority to simply voice services. With BT One Voice, we leverage the latest technologies and our global footprint to deliver a transparent service that meets you needs.

Flat-rate pricing options reduce your global call costs and let you tailor a service to each site. You can unlock the functionality in our VPN (Virtual Private Network) for cost-effective dial plans and extensive global reach.

BT provides you with a cost-effective way to communicate securely across multiple sites, integrating all your global voice traffic under a single service contract. Crucially, you have one supplier, one bill, and one point of contact.