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Multiple Sites

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Multiple Sites

How can we enable our people in different offices to work more closely together? 

A consequence of having a multisite business is a multisite workforce, making it hard to leverage your company’s collective expertise, share knowledge, and advance projects that depend on different people in different parts of Ireland.

Distance is no longer an obstacle to collaboration. We have a suite of Unified Communications tools that break down office walls, enabling fast and seamless connectivity through a variety of integrated channels.

BT’s Conferencing Services lets you work together across different sites using audio, video, and web conferencing. Rich features and functionality tell you who’s available and the best way they can be contacted; an email exchange can quickly be turned into a video conference; desktops can be shared over the web in real time.

As well as increasing productivity, you are unlocking the talent within your company through richer collaboration and team building. And you are cutting down on the time and expense of travel, which means you are reducing your company’s annual carbon emissions.