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Multiple Sites

How easy is it to set up connectivity if we open an office in the UK? 

As your business grows you need technology that can grow with it. In the case of opening in Northern Ireland or United Kingdom operation, you want to know that connecting it with your head office and other sites in Ireland isn’t going to be prohibitively complex and expensive.

Because BT is a world-leading provider of advanced networks, we can provide unrivalled network technology, across the UK as well as locally, to help you grow your business. You can leverage our IP network to provide a range of services anywhereIreland or the UK at a competitive price with unrivalled quality of service.

With BT IP Connect Ireland, a UK office becomes part of your company’s Wide area Network (WAN), connected point-to-point over Ethernet for a seamless service that’s fast and resilient.Highly available and instantly adaptive, it is anintelligent network that allows you totreat mission critical applications and low priority traffic differently, only paying for the capacity you need.