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How can we improve our customer interaction without spending a fortune?

For many Irish businesses, the customer contact centre is the focal point for most customer interactions. Get the right balance between cost and service and you will have a solid foundation for growing your business.

With BT Inbound Contact Service we offer a range of numbers, Freephone and Callsave, that provide a single point of contact for a one man business or a national corporation, wherever you move, however you change.  It provides comprehensive call routing and management services so that calls can be automatically delivered to the most appropriate location. 

We also have more advanced solutions, like BT Cloud Contact, which turns your contact centre into a hosted service. Blending email, web chat and voicemail with intelligent routing and traditional voice technologies, itlets you create a multichannel contact centre at minimum expense. Built on a virtual platform, you can ramp up and add agents easily, only paying for what you use.

BT Onsite Contact  means you can benefit from BT’s partnership with world-leading solutions providers including Avaya, Cisco and Genesys. It can turn your contact center into a more efficient and productive part of your operation, and a more engaging part ofyour brand.